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Going abroad is quite an exciting journey however it is fraught with much confusion, dilemma & perplexity. More often than not, a prospective student faces any or all of the given confusion/dilemma which affect their overseas study decision:

• Academic background/credentials
• Comparative opportunities in India as against other Countries
• Financial ability and work background
• Future academic plans & preference in terms of course and education provider
• Long-term career plans & settlement options
Students are many time unaware about the existing opportunities overseas. It is significant to understand various offerings of a country and University should the student need to be on the right path of achieving the long-term goal. All relevant factors including the above mentioned are considered and discussed upon to arrive at a decision challenging the viability of studying abroad as compared to considering the same in India. Many popular destinations attract students but they come with their own share of peculiarities & inhibitions. We at F.E.C. believe in people’s individuality & uniqueness that is how we humans are nurtured, thus our first step entails helping prospective student through a detailed career counselling to arrive at an objective decision.

Admission & Confirmation Service

Once a student has undergone a detailed session (with/without his parents), the next logical step involves applying to various education providers to help generate an offer of admission. A good application with all the essential details and documentation creates a positive impact on the education provider thus increasing the prospect of securing admission. However, the students are often unaware about the application procedure and the documentation to be submitted due to various overseas communication barriers & usually end up being unsuccessful.
We help overcome these issues with our dedicated team which gives professional advice on drafting a model SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR(Letter of Recommendation) will assist the students edit their ‘essays / statement of purpose’ and provide valuable insights on the right constituents that make documents unique and personal. Our team keeps regular contact with the Universities / Colleges regarding the status and progress of students’ applications thereby relieving our students with follow-up activities.

IELTS & TOEFL Coaching Service

We at Foster are a pioneer in quality coaching for IELTS & TOEFL. These are among the world’s smartest devised tests which have evolved owing to increasing need of English proficiency. We have a carefully designed fee mock test sessions for all students where we evaluate the current standards of a student’s proficiency across all the desired attributes of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

Visa Lodgement Service

The end should justify the means! Perhaps, all hard work makes sense only with a successful visa outcome. Our dedicated team at Foster strives their best to give quality in visa lodgement & enjoy excellent reputation as a genuine & quality conscious recruiter. Our enviable success rate in the industry sets a benchmark & helps the student with a successful visa outcome.

Pre-Departure Briefing Service

Journey to an unknown land can often lead tom many difficulties, confusions & embarrassments. Our staff & directors conduct exhaustive pre-departures at different times to help student make the right decisions which may range from do’s & dont’s, things to purchase, air travel guideline to even post landing airport interviews.

Forex Service

As an incidental function, we assist our students with FOREX as usually it is a first time affair with students & they may not have the desired expertise in currency transfer & exchange. We have formal agreement with many FOREX dealers which help us to offer our students a discounted exchange rate on currencies, drafts, wire transfers, etc. Along with it, on special request of guardians/parents we offer travel insurance and a whole lot of other value added services to the students.

Post-Landing Services

True to its name, Foster, helps students with valuable post landing services to make their stay hassle free. We help introduce student to their peers & seniors so that they feel at home in the new settings. These new students are assisted by placing them temporarily with their seniors who are advised to mentor them in all academic & non-academic issues. We maintain constant contact with students & continue with our services as we believe in working on people & relationships.

Career Counselling

Foster Education Consultants Helps Students In Many Ways To Help Shape Their Career. The Gamut Of Services Offered Is Wide And Includes:

Going Abroad Is Quite An Exciting Journey However It Is Fraught With Much Confusion, Dilemma & Perplexity. More Often Than Not, A Prospective Student Faces Any Or All Of The Given Confusion/Dilemma Which Affect Their Overseas Study Decision:

• Academic Background/Credentials
• Comparative Opportunities In India As Against Other Countries
• Financial Ability And Work Background
• Future Academic Plans & Preference In Terms Of Course And Education Provider
• Long-Term Career Plans & Settlement Options

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