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The land of opportunities, USA, is a huge nation comprising of fifty states and a federal district having the 3rd highest population on Earth thus making it the highest rank country by nominal GDP. The country is the richest nation in the world accounting for 33.4 %.of global wealth & approx. 25 of global exports. It is a founding member of UN, IMF, World Bank, G7, etc & is a military, political & economic powerhouse with NY Stock Exchange as the largest in the world.

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Why Study In United States of America

USA attracts the highest nos. of students world over owing to its exemplary quality of education. The USA is leader in newest technologies which originates from its institutions like the MIT, CALTECH, UCLA, HARWARD, etc. USA has been a leader in scientific research and technological innovation since the late 19th century and is dominating the world since. From the MANHATTAN Project to the Moon Landing & now the Human Genome Mapping, USA is shaping the future of the world with NASA as it forefront. A deserving student can shape his career in a Fortune 500 companies including those based in the world famous Silicon Valley in the US has notable companies like HP, Intel, Yahoo, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe Systems & the Oracle.

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United States of America: Key Statistics

Population: Approx. 32.6 Crore (326 mn)
Capital: Washington D.C.
Area: 3,796,742 km2
Language: English
Religion: Christianity (Dominant)
Currency: American Dollar $
Life Expectancy: 79 Years
GDP per Capita: $ 61, 687 (Nominal)
Literacy Percent: 99%
HDI: 10
Other Important Cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Denver, St. Louis , San Jose, San Diego, Kansas City , Massachusetts, etc

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The main intakes offered by Universities are
• September- Fall Intake
• January- Winter Intake

Qualifying Exam & Coaching

Famous Education Providers

. IVY League-Harvard University,
Yale University,University Of Pennysylva,
Princeton University, Columbia University, etc
.University Of California
(Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Sandiego)
.University Of California, Berkley,
.National University, etc.

Australian Education Cost

Test/s Required

Language Proficiency Test

Aptitude Test
. SAT- for Undergraduate Students
. GMAT/GRE- for Postgraduate Students

Country, Course and University Selection

Cost Of Education

. An undergraduate Degree (4 years)-from
     USD 16,00-45,000 per annum
. A Postgraduate Degree (2/2. years) -from
     USD 20,000-60,000 per annum
. Ph.D-Differential Fee as per program

United States of America's Success Stories


Kshiteesh Kandari

University of Illinois at Chicago - USA


Pragati Jain

University of Georgia - USA


Shriya Rawal

Syracuse University - USA