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Australia at a Glance

The youngest landmass to merge, NZ is a highly developed nation with snowy peaks, fjord-scarred shores, and pastures dotted with sheeps that define this beautiful country. A major market economy with a very high HDI rank (13th), NZ is held in high esteem for the quality of life & education. A member of OECD, WTO, UN, Commonwealth of Nations& ANZUS, NZ is a nation bubbling with opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Oenology, Dairy & Hospitality.

Australia at a Glance


Australia at a Glance

Why Study In New Zealand

New Zealand ticks a number of boxes as the choice of destination. Academically, New Zealand students are ranked amongst the top in the world with all of its Eight (8) universities amongst top 500 ranked universities in the world. Besides, New Zealand offers a safe learning environment. The environment is green, clean and uncrowned with a small population and wide open spaces & a negligible percentage of crime & Pollution. According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), New Zealand was ranked no. 1 in 2010 as the world’s safest country.

Why Study in Australia?

New Zealand: Key Statistics

Population: Approx. 48.5 lacs (4.8 mn)
Capital: Wellington
Area: 268,021 km2
Language: English
Religion: Christianity
Currency: New Zealand $
Life Expectancy: Years
GDP per Capita: $ 44,069 (Nominal)
Literacy Percent: 99%
HDI: 13
Other Important Cities: Auckland, Napier, Christchurch, New Plymouth, Hamilton

Why Study in Australia?


The main intakes offered by Universities are in July/August and February/March. Some Universities/Intuitions may also have intakes in November. A Nos. Of PTE’s offer multiple intakes on bi-monthly basis across the year.

Qualifying Exam & Coaching

Famous Education Providers

.NZMA, etc

Australian Education Cost

Test/s Required


Country, Course and University Selection

Cost Of Education

. Diploma program (2 years)- from
     NZD 14,000-27,000 per annum
. An undergraduate Degree (3/4 years)-from
     NZD 18,000-44,000 per annum
. A Postgraduate Degree (2/2.5 years) -from
     NZD 19,000-44,000 per annum
. P.h.D-Differential Fee as per program

New Zealand's Success Stories


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