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Study in United Kingdom

Study in United Kingdom

A constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, the modern UK consists of four countries—England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with varying powers based in their respective capitals in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. The UK is a developed country with the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP thus ranking 16th in the H.D.I. Ranking. It was the first industrialised country and still remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence internationally.
A recognised nuclear power ,The UK is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the Council of Europe, the G7 finance ministers, the G7 forum, the G20, NATO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the W.T.O.

The UK has traditionally been the the top destinations to study around the world. A multiethnic destination that is considered the gateway to Europe, UK boasts traditions of excellence dating back hundreds of years, high class institutions at every corner offering flexible programs than any other destination, she has much to offer to international students that other English-speaking country.
The degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class with recognizable names, like Oxford and Cambridge coupled with other Russell Group Universities. The cost of education for an international student in the UK is substantially cheaper in terms of money & opportunity cost especially for a Master’s degree as it is usually for a year.


Population: Approx.6.56Crore (65.6 mn)
Capital: London, Edinburgh, Cardiff & Belfast
Area: 242,495 km2
Language: English
Religion: Christianity
Currency: GBP ( £)
Life Expectancy: 80.8 Years
GDP per Capita: $ 38,847(Nominal)
Literacy Percent: 99%
HDI: 16
Other Important Cities: Manchester, Newcastle Birmingham, Leeds, Swansea, Plymouth, Bristol, Glasgow and Liverpool.

The main intake offered by Universities is September with a few programs in Jan Intake.

  • Russel Group Universities –University Of Cambridge/Oxford/Lse/Cardiff/Leeds/Manchester/
    Newcastle/Durham, etc
  • Swansea University
  • University Of Plymouth
  • U.W.E Bristol
  • Middlesex University, etc
  • PTE
  • An undergraduate Degree (3/4 years)-from GBP 10,000-21,000 Annually
  • A Postgraduate Degree (1/2 years) -from GBP 10,000-21,000 Annually
  • Ph.D-Differential Fee as per program


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